Sunday, 19 February 2012

Anoop M: a personal flying machine

Soon personal transportation will become too closely on the ground, and then year after year, step by step, people will begin to settle in the sky. Cars and motorcycles will go into the past, our lives will break small aircraft, and many will be flying to work on personal aircraft. The futuristic concept of such a machine called Anoop M.

Personal aircraft Anoop M provides two seats, it has a very unusual and somewhat aggressive appearance. This explains the words of designers that the appearance of the car was inspired by "moving the shark." Cab firm movable tail ends with a small screw on the end.

In flight, the tail curved upward, and the tail rotor acts as a stabilizer. And when it lands tails Anoop M falls, it becomes a solid structure and acts as a wheel. The authors did not specify which technologies could form the basis for such a machine. But if it is safe enough and inexpensive, then the traffic jams just forget the world. Designers emphasize that the shape of the body was carried out in compliance with all requirements of aerodynamics. And that means, and the speed with Anoop M is high enough.

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